The Bostelmans



January 2014

Claire and Blake are a success story. After a few weeks of emails, we met in person over a few drinks.

Two days later, Claire invited Blake to join her and her closest friends on an all-day adventure to The Nebraska Avoca Duck Races. We survived the grueling day, and created many memories we still look back and laugh at.

Claire was scheduled for her second surgery in Mayo two weeks later, and we took time from work to fit in one more date. We ended up 2.5 hours west in Hastings, Neb., looking for a roadside attraction - Andy the Footless Goose Gravestone.

About a month would pass before we saw each other in person again. During that time, we talked almost every day through text, sending photos, and playing games on our phones. 

Claire returned to Lincoln, but spent a few weeks recovering. We reunited at a concert in Lincoln with a small group of friends. That Friday was Valentine's Day, which Blake cooked a delicious dinner at Claire's house.

We were inseparable from that point on.







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December 26, 2017

Big changes were just around the corner. Our lives were almost completely boxed up and spread between 75 miles of interstate 80.

After we arrived home from the long holiday weekend, we settled in our last two remaining chairs in the Lincoln house living room. With boxes piled around the room, we decided to exchange Christmas gifts. 

After Blake unwrapped his, he got down on one knee in the living room.

In that moment, the world spun around just us. As we finished closing one chapter in Lincoln, we officially began starting a new one together in Central Nebraska.



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